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Reader Stories: Why I Love My New England Town


Readers share insights about what makes their New England towns special and unique.

West Brookfield, Massachusetts: A Happy Place

The splendid common including the newly restored fountain; Rock House Reservation, once a winter refuge for Native Americans--a hiker's and naturalist's delight; the Quaboag River, great for kayaking…More

Holderness, New Hampshire

Squam Lakes: Both of them, but more so Little Squam, which is just as nice and clear, perfect for canoeing and spotting loons, as when I went there summers when I was little. Rattlesnake Mountain, wh…More

Beverly, MA

Lynch Park (on the ocean--gorgeous!), the harbor, the Cabot Street Cinema (home of the Le Grand David magic show), Soma (great restaurant), West Beach, Tapas (great take-out), Independence Park, the …More

Worcester, MA

Mechanics Hall, Worcester Art Museum, Worcester Science Center and Ecotarium, Elm Park (first public park in USA), Worcester Music Festival and summer park concerts, ethnic celebrations, Worcester pr…More

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