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Two Feet of Snow: A Photo Gallery

Enjoy These Scenes of New England Under Two Feet of Snow


What does two feet of snow look like? I'll show you! Click each photo below to see a larger view.

Here in New England, we're accustomed to snow, but two feet of the fluffy white stuff is something of an event. I took these photos at my central Connecticut home as flakes continued to fall the morning of January 12, 2011. Snow began falling shortly after midnight, and when I heard the plow make three passes outside my house at 6 a.m., I knew I was in for quite a sight.

Local meteorologists were predicting anywhere from 10 to 20 inches of snow, and their estimates proved to be on the conservative side. My husband, who did the shoveling, swears we got two feet of snow. One thing's for sure: This is the most snow my eight-year-old has ever seen fall in a single storm.

News! The Hartford Courant reports the 22.5 inches of snow measured at Bradley Airport is the greatest amount of snow to fall in a 24-hour period since 1905, when recordkeeping began. We've set a new snow record!

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