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2013 Blizzard Nemo in New England

Photos from the Historic Snowstorm


Forecasters called this one just about right! Blizzard Nemo, as it was nicknamed by the Weather Channel, swept across New England on February 8 and 9, 2013, leaving behind a thick coat of snow and wreaking havoc on power lines and roads. In Portland, Maine, the 31.9 inches of snow recorded eclipsed a record set in 1979. In Concord, New Hampshire, and Hartford, Connecticut, Nemo was the second most prolific snowstorm of all time.

Here in our Hartford suburb, we didn't lose power (phew!), but we awoke to staggering snowdrifts that barricaded doors and made shoveling an extreme workout. Enjoy these pictures of Blizzard Nemo's assault on New England, and if you have a storm photo to share, he's how to submit your picture.

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Blizzard Nemo at Twilight - PhotoBlizzard Nemo at Twilight2013 Blizzard Nemo in Connecticut - The Morning AfterThe Morning AfterHow Much Snow from Nemo?That's Some Pile of SnowShoveling Out from Winter Storm Nemo - PictureChild Labor
Tough Shoveling - 2013 Blizzard Nemo in New England PictureTough ShovelingOversized Snowcone - Winter Storm Nemo 2013 PhotoOversized SnowconeBlizzard Nemo 2013 - Held Hostage by a ClownfishHeld Hostage by a ClownfishWinter Tree PhotoWinter's Beauty
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