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Spectacular Gingerbread Houses at the 2011 Boston Christmas Festival


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Kids' Choice
Gingerbread Theme Park
© 2011 Kim Knox Beckius
Ginger Betty's Bakery always seems to have the most eye-popping entry at the Boston Christmas Festival's annual Gingerbread House Competition. When we judged in 2008, their gingerbread train was honored for Best Decoration, and in 2009, Ginger Betty's won Best of Show with its gingerbread salute to our troops.

My daughter and I thought this gingerbread amusement park was the bakery's best creation yet. Beth Veneto's creation won the Kids' Choice award and Best Decoration in 2011.

Ginger Betty's also makes one of the best tasting gingerbreads we sampled, so, if this photo gallery has you craving a sweet bite, you'll be glad to know that Ginger Betty's has gingerbread cookies, houses and kits available for online ordering.

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