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Vermont Pictures

These Vermont pictures will show you the Green Mountain State in all of its four-season glory. Visit Vermont virtually through pictures with these images.

Photo Gallery: The Vermont State Zucchini Festival
Zucchini Festival photo gallery. The zukapult competition is definitely the highlight of the Vermont State Zucchini Festival, held annually in Ludlow, Vermont, since 1997. You really have to see the Zucchini Festival to believe it. Luckily, I have pictures.

Beautiful Maple
This fall foliage photo was taken in Woodstock, Vermont. Submitted by Fidia.

Dream Lake
This fall photo of a lake in Vermont was taken on October 11, 2003 and submitted by Nitin Yadav.

Fall Countryside in Vermont
This lovely fall landscape photo was captured on October 13, 2009 at the Shelburne Museum in Shelburne, Vermont, by Carolyn Biggio.

Fall Foliage at Jenne Farm
This fall foliage photo was taken at Jenne Farm in Reading, Vermont--New England's most photographed farm--by Arnold John Kaplan, APSA-AFIAP, author of How to Find (and photograph) the Photo-Scenics in Vermont.

Full Moon in Vermont
A full moon rises over the White Mountains in this winter photo taken in Peacham, Vermont. Submitted by Phil Bobrow.

A Funny Fall Scene
A funny photo of a squirrel with its head in a pumpkin in Bennington, Vermont. Submitted to the New England fall photo gallery by Brittany Bentley.

It Looks Like a Painting
This Vermont fall foliage photo, taken by Fidia in Weston, Vermont, is so lovely, it looks like a painting.

Jenne Farm in the Fall
This fall photo by Bob Chen is of Jenne Farm in Reading, Vermont, New England's most photographed farm.

Looking for Champ: Lake Champlain Ferry
Corrina Casson took this picture of the Lake Champlain Ferry in the spring of 2006. Is there really a sea monster in Lake Champlain?

Mad River Valley Morning
This photo of a church was taken in Waitsfield, Vermont. Submitted by Philip Bobrow.

Moss Glen Falls in Winter
This photo, taken by Belinda Ischy in 2005, shows the snowy scene surrounding Moss Glen Falls in Vermont.

The Old Mills
This Vermont fall foliage photo was taken by Fidia Yeo in Weston, Vermont.

A Perfect Autumn Day
This fall foliage scene was snapped on October 10, 2008: a perfect autumn day in Stowe, Vermont. Submitted by Lucy.

Quechee Gorge in the Fall
Quechee Gorge, a Vermont natural wonder, Vermont, is at its most photogenic in the fall, as you'll see in this photo shared by Shoshana Geller.

Sleeping Hollow Farm
This fall photo was taken in Woodstock, Vermont, and submitted by Bob Chen.

Stream Side
This fall foliage photo was taken in Vermont, somewhere between Bennington and Brattleboro. Submitted by Gary Graff.

Texas Falls
A winter picture of Texas Falls, a popular waterfall in Vermont. Submitted by Belinda Ischy.

Tree Tops
This fall foliage picture was taken taken in Vermont, somewhere between Bennington and Brattleboro, and submitted by Gary Graff.

Vermont Covered Bridge
Carol Shutt says that this Vermont covered bridge picture was "taken October 8, 2006 while exploring the back roads of Vermont, east of Burlington, looking for covered bridges."

Vermont Lake in the Fall
This fall picture was taken on Route 7 in Vermont near the Massachusetts border. Submitted by Linda Pulliam.

Winter in Vermont
This winter photo shows Reading, Vermont's Jenne Farm--the most photographed farm in New England--nestled within a blanket of snow. Submitted by Arnold John Kaplan, APSA-AFIAP.

Southern Vermont Garlic & Herb Festival Photo Album
Vermont Garlic Festival photos. Have a stinky Labor Day at the Southern Vermont Garlic & Herb Festival, an annual garlic extravaganza in Bennington, VT.

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