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Hotel Vermont: It's So Vermonty!


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Burlington's Eco-Chic Hotel Has True Vermont Style in Every Detail
Governor Shumlin at Hotel Vermont

"This represents the best of Vermont," said Governor Peter Shumlin at the grand opening celebration for Burlington's Hotel Vermont.

© 2013 Kim Knox Beckius
When a state governor stands in the lobby of a new hotel and pledges support to ensure it is "sold out every night," you know this is no ordinary establishment. Hotel Vermont (check rates and recent reviews at Trip Advisor) is the state's first independent hotel to open in 40 years, and it's more than a hip place for Burlington visitors to rest their heads. Owned by entrepreneurial Vermonters and built with environmental sensitivity and a commitment to local producers of everything from furniture to flannel robes to food, Hotel Vermont is a vibrant showcase for all that makes Vermont singular among the nation's 50 states.

At Hotel Vermont's June 25, 2013 grand opening, Governor Peter Shumlin also vowed to be at the first table when acclaimed Vermont Chef Eric Warnstedt opens his second Hen of the Wood farm-to-plate restaurant on the premises in late August 2013, an addition that will cement the hotel's status as the destination for an authentic Vermont experience.

On this photo tour from my stay during the opening celebration, you'll see how thoughtful details and practices combine to make Hotel Vermont a true reflection of its location, with an ambience you won't find anywhere else on earth.

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