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Trapp Family Lodge Launches Brewery


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The Proof is in the Drinking
Trapp Lodge Brewery Brew Master Allen Van Anda Photo

Brew Master Allen Van Anda offers me a glass of Helles golden lager: one of two signature beers at the Trapp Lodge Brewery in Stowe, Vermont.

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I asked Van Anda about his goals for the Trapp Lodge Brewery, and his first response was simple: To "have people like the beer, have people drink it."

The ultimate achievement, he said, would be "to have a European brewer say: 'This is good.'"

My hunch is that Vermont residents and visitors will be drinking--and liking--Trapp lagers from the moment they're officially launched. Van Anda, who graciously interrupted a call to federal regulators to show me around, still had plenty to do to prepare for the grand opening. "I think I might even have a couple of beers after that," he said.

For more information about Trapp Family Lodge and the Trapp Lodge Brewery, visit the resort's Web site or call toll free, 800-826-7000.

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