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Rachel Carter

Bio for Vermont Writer Rachel Carter


Rachel Carter - Vermont Author and Writer

Vermont-based writer Rachel Carter is co-author of "VERMONT: An Explorer’s Guide."

Rachel Carter is an entrepreneur and homesteader who works in Vermont's travel, agriculture, public relations and journalism industries. A fifth generation Vermonter, twice removed, Rachel is the co-author of the 13th edition of VERMONT: An Explorer's Guide (Compare Prices), published in 2012 by Countryman Press.

She has been instrumental in Vermont's changing media landscape through her visionary company, Rachel Carter PR, and is currently aligning her skills to play a professional role to benefit Vermont's working landscape. She and her husband currently live in Charlotte, Vermont, and are looking for a rural Vermont community in which to lay down roots.

Connect with Rachel through her social media handle: RachelCarterPR.

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