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Lake Compounce Discount Tickets and Coupons

Save Money by Purchasing Lake Compounce Tickets at a Discount Online


Kids at Lake Compounce

The costs of taking a family to Lake Compounce can really add up... especially if the kids want to play games to win cute little stuffed prizes! Here's how to find Lake Compounce coupons and online discounts.

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The cost of taking your family to Lake Compounce amusement park in Bristol, Connecticut, can really add up, so here are tips that will save you money on park admission.

Buy your Lake Compounce tickets online in advance and save. The most significant discount is on adult tickets, which are $7 cheaper online than at the park. You'll also save $1.25 on each Junior or Senior admission.

For 2014, you can also ave up to $32 off Lake Compounce admission by stopping into a Dunkin' Donuts before you head for the theme park. I've found Lake Compounce discount coupons in several Connecticut Dunkin' Donuts restaurants, and each coupon entitles the bearer to a savings of $8 off up to four adult (52" and taller) admissions.
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