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New England Turkeys: A Photo Gallery

Photos of Turkeys I've Run Into During My New England Travels


I've had so many wonderful animal adventures here in New England, and while I must admit that moose are my favorite New England creatures to photograph, turkeys come in a close second!

Enjoy these photos of turkeys I've run into during my New England travels, and if you have a New England turkey photo of your own to share, I'd love to add it to this gallery. Here's how to submit your turkey picture for consideration.


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Turkey Picture - Turkey on a Connecticut FarmWattle It Be?Turkey Photo - Petting Farm Turkey at Flamig Farm Simsbury CTNot Much Meat on These LegsPhoto of Socrates the TurkeyMeet SocratesTurkey Photo - Big GobblerBig Gobbler
Turkey Picture - Friendly PoultryFriendly Poultry
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