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The Wildest Turkeys You've Ever Seen

Colorful Turkeys Invade Gozzi's Turkey Farm at Thanksgiving Time


In my Connecticut town, it's not uncommon to spot wild turkeys along the side of the road or even in the road. I've never hit one, but I still wish they'd take a cue from their domestic brethren at Gozzi's Turkey Farm in Guilford, Connecticut, where turkeys don DayGlo colors a few weeks before Thanksgiving.

The colorful turkeys at Gozzi's, located at 2443 Boston Post Road (Route 1) in this historic shoreline town, have mystified and amused kids and adults for about 50 years. My daughter and I had a blast observing and photographing these feathered fowl at Gozzi's in November, 2010. "They're amazing!" she said of the dazzling birds even before they all lined up behind her for a parade around the turkey pen!

I didn't ask how the turkeys attain their Easter egg shades. Why ruin the mystery? But I did learn fresh turkeys for Thanksgiving or Christmas should be ordered two weeks ahead if possible. They're $2.59/lb. as of 2013. Call 203-453-2771 to order or to verify colorful turkeys are on view. They're typically on display every day through Christmas, weather permitting.

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