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New Bedford, Massachusetts, is New England's best place to dive into whaling history. "The City that Lit the World" with its whale oil bounty and inspired Herman Melville's masterpiece, Moby-Dick, was home base for 500 whaling ships during its 19th-century heyday.

Home to the nation's largest institution devoted to the whaling industry, the New Bedford Whaling Museum, and the 13-block New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park, established in 1996 to preserve the city's architectural, cultural and historical legacy, New Bedford is a fascinating destination not only for its past but for its 20th-century resurgence as America's most profitable commercial fishing port.

These photos from my 2007 New Bedford visit will introduce you to the Whaling City's sights and to the risky, yet immensely rewarding, big game hunt that made this deep port city one of America's wealthiest and most diverse and cosmopolitan cities by the 1850s.

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New Bedford Massachusetts Cobbled Streets - New Bedford MA PhotoCobbled StreetsNew Bedford Whaling National Historical Park Visitor CenterVisitor CenterNew Bedford Custom House - New Bedford Massachusetts PhotoNew Bedford Custom HouseHumpback Whale Skeleton - New Bedford Whaling Museum PhotoA Whale of a Museum
New Bedford Whaling Museum Eclectic ExhibitsEclectic ExhibitsNew Bedford Art Glass - Photo of New Bedford Art Glass in New Bedford Whaling MuseumNew Bedford Art GlassLagoda Whaling Ship New Bedford Whaling Museum - World's Largest Ship ModelLagoda Whaling ShipLife Aboard a Whaling Ship - Bunk Beds on Lagoda Whaling Ship ModelLife Aboard a Whaling Ship
Sperm Whale Skeleton - Photo of Sperm Whale Skeleton at New Bedford Whaling MuseumSperm Whale SkeletonSperm Whale Skull - Photo of Sperm Whale Skull at New Bedford Whaling MuseumSperm Whale SkullSperm Whale Tail - Photo of Sperm Whale Tail Skeleton at New Bedford Whaling MuseumTail of a Sperm WhaleSperm Whale Jaw - Photo of Sperm Whale Jaw at Whaling Museum in New Bedford MASperm Whale Jaw
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