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Replica of the Pilgrims' Famous Ship is a Popular Plymouth Attraction


The Mayflower II, a carefully crafted replica of the four-masted cargo ship that carried 102 religious dissidents to New England's shores in 1620, has been a fixture in Plymouth Harbor since 1957. These photos, taken during the famous ship's 50th anniversary year, provide a glimpse of what visitors experience aboard Mayflower II.

Like its sister attraction, Plimoth Plantation, Mayflower II immerses visitors in the Pilgrim experience. On board, you can go below deck to see how the Pilgrims traveled during 66 seasick days on the stormy Atlantic, speak with crew members of this still seaworthy vessel and chat with Pilgrim role players, who answer questions and offer insight into their motivations for undertaking this perilous journey.

The Pilgrim story resonates with travelers from around the world, and for more than 50 years, the Mayflower II has provided a glimpse of the hardships endured by these freedom seekers. Mayflower II is open daily from late March through late November.

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Mayflower II Photo - Picture of the Famous Pilgrim Ship in Plymouth MassachusettsA Second MayflowerWampanoag Mashoon Canoe at Mayflower II in Plymouth MassachusettsNative VesselMayflower II a Faithful Replica of the Pilgrims ShipA Faithful ReplicaPhoto of Pilgrim Role Player Aboard the Mayflower II in Plymouth MassachusettsPilgrim Insight
Mayflower II Picture - Upper DeckWhat Lies Ahead?Mayflower II Photo - Exploring the ShipExploring the ShipMayflower II - A Comfortable BerthA Comfortable BerthMayflower II Photo - The KitchenThe Kitchen
Pilgrim Provisions - Mayflower II PicturePilgrim ProvisionsMayflower II Attraction in Plymouth Massachusetts - PhotoA Symbol of Strength
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