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Looking for Cheap Lobster in the Boston Area?


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Fresh Catch Serves Affordable Seafood Every Which Way
Lobster Croissant at Fresh Catch Near Boston in Mansfield MA

My little girl and I would have been satisfied sharing this enormous, buttery lobster croissant for lunch. But we couldn't resist some of the other menu selections at Fresh Catch.

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"It's like heaven for Mini Me and me!" I Tweeted when our server at Fresh Catch in Mansfield, Massachusetts, delivered an enormous grilled croissant overflowing with hot buttered lobster to our table. The two of us discovered this seafood restaurant and fish market in a southern suburb of Boston after a Junior Patriots Cheerleaders rehearsal in Foxborough. And even though we were so stuffed we had to go for a walk after lunch before settling into the car for our drive home to Connecticut, we were back at Fresh Catch six days later... because we couldn't resist the allure of lobster for breakfast!

Fresh Catch was our idea of heaven for two reasons. Lobster prices are surprisingly cheap considering the restaurant is located in Greater Boston, where dining tends to be pricey. As of our August 2012 visit, you could order a 1-1/4-pound steamed lobster with coleslaw and French fries for a market price of just $9.95. Compare that to the price for a single steamed lobster at Legal Sea Foods at Long Wharf in the heart of Boston during the same month: $27.95. [2013 Update: As of August 2013, a single steamed lobster at Fresh Catch is $11.99, and twin lobsters are $14.99.]

But what really made us giddy was the sheer variety of lobster dishes Fresh Catch serves. We certainly weren't expecting an extensive and inventive seafood menu when the GPS directed us into the parking lot at 30 Chauncy Street in Mansfield, Massachusetts.

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