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Getting to Block Island

A Guide to Block Island Ferries and Flights


Picturesque and secluded Block Island is situated 12 miles off the coast of Rhode Island. Getting to Block Island requires either a ferry boat ride or flight from the mainland. Here is your guide to ferry services and airlines that serve Block Island.

Block Island Ferry

Block Island Ferry provides the only year-round ferry connection to Block Island and the only vehicle ferry service to the island from its departure point at Point Judith in Galilee, Rhode Island. During the high season (late May through mid-October), Block Island Ferry also provides high-speed passenger ferry service to Block Island from Point Judith: The trip takes only 30 minutes.

Block Island Ferry also offers high-speed ferry service to Block Island from Newport, Rhode Island, seasonally. For reservations, call 401-783-7996 or toll free, 866-783-7996.

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Block Island Express

Block Island Express provides seasonal, high-speed passenger ferry service between New London, Connecticut, and Block Island. The trip takes just over one hour. Reservations can be made by calling 860-444-4624 or 401-466-2212.

New England Airlines

New England Airlines, based out of Westerly State Airport in Westerly, Rhode Island, is the only airline that offers a regular, daily, year-round schedule of flights to Block Island. Time in flight is about 12 minutes, and the round-trip adult fare is $89 as of 2013. For flight reservations, call toll free, 800-243-2460.

Resort Air

Block Island-based Resort Air is a twin-engine air charter service that connects the island with Northeast airports. For a price quote and to check availability, call 401-466-2000 or 800-683-9330.

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