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Top New England Places to Visit


Build your New England travel itinerary with this guide to the best New England places to see from New England author and expert Kim Knox Beckius. Each of these New England destinations offers history, scenery and a diverse array of things to do.
  1. Boston, Massachusetts
  2. Newport, Rhode Island
  3. Mystic, Connecticut

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Swan Boat

Put Boston atop your list of New England's must-see places. Boston isn't just the capital of Massachusetts: It can truly be considered New England's capital. The region's largest city is also one of its most historic places, where America's story vividly unfolds, and it's home to world-class museums, restaurants, shops and performance venues. Boston is also the epicenter of New England sports.

Newport, Rhode Island

Marble House Newport Rhode Island

Famous for its Gilded Age mansions, Newport, Rhode Island, is definitely one of New England's must-see places. And if you've already been to Newport--go back! A second visit to this storied seaside city at the southern tip of Aquidneck Island is particularly warranted if you've only seen Newport in the summer, when the area's population swells and traffic can be unbearable. Newport has New England's densest concentration of B&Bs, some of its finest dining, its best oceanview walking trail and lively events the whole year through.

Mystic, Connecticut

Beluga Whale

Mystic and surrounding towns in southeastern Connecticut offer New England travelers the chance to immerse themselves in seafaring history, to visit one of the region's best aquariums, to dine on delicious seafood or famous pizza, to delve into Native American history and to try their luck at New England's largest gaming destinations. Even if gambling is not your thing, Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun offer some of Connecticut's best entertainment, shopping and dining.

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