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Top 9 New England Magazines


Whether you're planning a trip to the region or you're simply a New England fan, magazine subscriptions provide a regular dose of all things New England and tips and ideas for future travels. Subscriptions make wonderful gifts for other New England enthusiasts, too. Here are my top picks from among the many helpful, entertaining and visually stunning New England periodicals.

1. Yankee Magazine

Yankee Magazine - photo.
Published monthly, "Yankee" is the ultimate New England read. Each issue is filled with a smattering of travel ideas, recipes, household hints, human interest features and articles focusing on the region's history and heritage. The 6" x 9" format makes it extremely portable, whether your travels take you meandering through New England or only as far as your back porch.
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2. Down East

"Down East" bills itself as, "The Magazine of Maine," and truly this is the monthly missive that all Maine lovers will want to find in their mailbox. Travelers will find information on Maine events and destinations, and those who miss Maine are treated each month to fabulous photos and insightful articles on the way of life that is uniquely Maine's.
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3. Boston

New England's most energetic city has a magazine all its own--"Boston" is published monthly, and it delivers tips on the trendiest spots, insight into local news and politics, profiles of Boston notables and a cornucopia of the best things to see in the city.
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4. Cape Cod Life

"Cape Cod Life" is devoted to capturing the essence of one of New England's most popular vacation destinations--the Cape and the islands of Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. Published seven times each year, the magazine includes practical information on where to stay and what to do while you're on the Cape, plus interesting features about Cape lore and culture. Photography is first-rate.

5. New England Travel & Life

"New England Travel & Life" is only published once each year, but it features reviews and in-depth profiles and travelogues that provide unique insight into the region and its residents. This is definitely one to look for on newsstands--pick up an extra copy for a friend.

6. Connecticut Magazine

"Connecticut Magazine" highlights the diversity of possibilities available to visitors to the Constitution State, and it provides Connecticut residents with a look at local trends and a never-ending stream of ideas for discovering the wealth of culture and history in their own backyard. Published monthly, the annual "Best of Connecticut" issue is the one not to miss.
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7. Vermont Life Magazine

"Vermont Life" has been the official magazine of the Green Mountain State for more than 50 years. The magazine is less focused on travel and more in tune with the state's natural, cultural and human riches. In each quarterly issue, you'll also discover the best of Vermont-made foods and products, day trip ideas and wonderful color photography.
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8. Rhode Island Monthly

If you love America's tiniest state, you'll welcome this monthly guide to living in and visiting the Ocean State. "Rhode Island Monthly" is loaded with dining, arts and events information, plus articles on the state's movers and shakers and making the most of your time in Rhode Island.

9. Cape Cod Magazine

"Cape Cod Magazine" is the perfect publication to read while you're lounging on a dune-sheltered Cape Cod beach. The editorial emphasis is on the history and tradition of this seaside resort, along with what continues to make the Cape appealing in the present. You'll find free copies throughout the Cape, or subscribe if you want to keep up with Cape happenings at home.

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