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How to Pack and Dress for Your New England Trip


New England is a four-season destination, which means that the things you'll want to bring will vary depending upon the timing of your trip. Here are some basic suggestions to help you plan what to pack and how to dress for your trip to New England:
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  1. Pack lightweight summer clothing for visits between late June and early September, but be sure to bring along a jacket or sweater, especially if you're visiting areas along the coast.
  2. Bathing suits, towels and sunscreen are important for beachside or lakefront destinations.
  3. In the spring and fall, temperatures can be quite cold at night even when daytime temperatures are moderate and comfortable. You'll want to perhaps bring along a warmer jacket or raincoat and dress in layers.
  4. An umbrella is always a good idea no matter what the season.
  5. You'll want to be prepared with a heavy coat, scarf, waterproof boots and gloves or mittens if you plan to visit between November and March.
  6. Be sure to pack any prescription medications you may need, maps and brochures with information on the sights you plan to visit, airline and other tickets, passports, credit/debit cards and/or ATM cards.
  7. If you are planning a skiing vacation, you can bring your own gear along or rent equipment at the slopes.
  8. Don't forget your camera, and bring along plenty of digital storage media. Photography supplies may cost you extra if you wait to buy them at one of New England's attractions.


  1. Many hotels provide hair dryers and toiletry items such as shampoo, soap and body lotion, but it is always wise to inquire ahead. B&Bs are less likely to offer these amenities.
  2. You may need to supply your own linens at rental accommodations; inquire ahead.
  3. If you're in danger of being in New Hampshire or Maine during "black fly season" in late spring, be sure to bring along insect repellent formulated especially to repel black flies.

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