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New England Maps & Travel Basics

New England travel basics including maps, getting to New England, when to visit, travel planning tips, weather forecasts and more.
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Why Visit New England?
From your About Guide, learn why New England is a perfect, four-season vacation destination.

Top New England Places to Visit
Build your New England travel itinerary with this guide to the best New England places to see from New England author and expert Kim Knox Beckius. Each of these New England destinations offers history, scenery and a diverse array of things to do.

Free New England Brochures by Phone
From your About Guide, free travel literature for the New England state(s) you plan to visit can be as easy as making a phone call.

How to Pack for your New England Trip
From your About Guide, here are some basic suggestions to help you plan what to pack when visiting New England.

How to Travel Safely in New England
From your About Guide, here are some common sense guidelines for staying safe while traveling in New England.

The Best Places to Get Free Driving Directions Online
Many people go online to get free driving directions. But which online driving directions tools are the best and most accurate? Travel writer Kim Knox Beckius, who has field tested many free driving directions services while writing "Backroads of New England" and other travel books and stories, reviews Mapquest, Yahoo! Maps, Google Maps and...

A Travel Writer's On-the-Road Travel Essentials
Ever wonder what travel gear a travel writer takes on the road? Here are some of the essential things that go with your New England Guide, Kim Knox Beckius, on every trip.

Top New England Magazines
Whether you're planning a trip to the region or you're simply a New England fan, magazine subscriptions provide a regular dose of all things New England and tips and ideas for future travels. Here are my top picks from among the many helpful, entertaining and visually stunning New England periodicals.

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