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Walkway Over the Hudson Photo Tour


Walkway Over the Hudson is an impressive concourse over the Hudson River providing a connection between Poughkeepsie and Highland for pedestrians and cyclists.
Walkway Over the Hudson - Scenic Hudson Valley Bike Path

The Hudson Valley was already home to scenic bike paths, but they pale in comparison to Walkway Over the Hudson, which is also a Bikeway Over the Hudson. It's a good bet there'll be more competition for bike spots on Metro-North trains to Poughkeepsie.

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Want to transport your bike aboard a Metro-North train? A $5 lifetime Bicycle Permit is required and may be purchased at ticket booths or on the train. There are also restrictions on the number of bikes allowed per train. Read these MTA Bike & Ride rules before you set out on your Walkway Over the Hudson bike trip.

Bike Hudson Valley is a good resource for finding other scenic bike routes in the Hudson Valley region.

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