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Beginner-Friendly Snowmobile Tours in New Hampshire


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You're in for a Ride
NH Snowmobile Tour View of the White Mountains

Glorious winter views await when you embark on a guided snowmobile tour with Bartlett, New Hampshire-based Northern Extremes Snowmobiling.

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I'd always imagined snowmobiling would be a thrilling activity, and when I was offered the chance to see New Hampshire's breathtaking White Mountains with an experienced snowmobile tour guide, I was instantly captivated. I bought waterproof gloves with enough mobility to allow me to shoot photos like the scene above. And a zip-up fleece with a snug hood. And cute snow pants. I wanted to be stylish--and warm, of course--as I rode along on the back of the sled, enjoying the view.

Two nights before I was scheduled to embark on my snowmobile tour with Bartlett, New Hampshire-based Northern Extremes Snowmobiling, I visited the outfitter's Web site to see what I should expect of the experience. As I read the tour rules, it became shockingly apparent: I would be driving my own snowmobile, not simply perching on the back behind my guide.

"That sounds dangerous. You could hit a tree. I would never do that," said my ever-helpful husband, who swore the glint in his eye was not sparked by thoughts of how he'd spend my life insurance proceeds.

My dad was more encouraging. "Your grandmother used to ride a snowmobile," he revealed. But as I searched the Web for information for first-time snowmobile riders, my trepidation grew.

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