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New England's Prettiest Town Green


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Washington Common in Washington, New Hampshire, is a Photogenic Spot
Town Green in Washington New Hampshire - Photo of Washington Common

The Washington Common in the center of the tiny town of Washington, New Hampshire, is one of New England's prettiest town greens.

© 2003 Kim Knox Beckius
Guilford, Connecticut, claims New England's largest town green, but I think the petite town green in Washington, New Hampshire, is New England's prettiest.

The western New Hampshire town of Washington--the first town in America to name itself after George Washington in 1776--is home to only about 1,100 residents, and the three classic white buildings on Washington Common still serve vital community functions.

On the left in the photo above is the 1840 Congregational Church. The center structure served as Washington Center School between 1883 and 1993; it is now headquarters for Washington's police force. The town hall, on the right, dates to 1787. It is one of the oldest town halls in New England that is still in use.

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