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Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site: A Photo Tour


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Visit the Home of the American Michelangelo
Mt. Ascutney from Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site

The view of Mt. Ascutney from the porch of Aspet, former home of sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens, is particularly dramatic in the fall. The Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site preserves this estate, which served as the hub of the Cornish Art Colony.

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The Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site is one of New England's least visited national parks, attracting fewer than 34,000 visitors annually. Tucked away in Cornish, New Hampshire, near the Vermont state line, this sprawling estate should be on every art lover's New England itinerary, particularly when autumn accents the landscape with rusty hues.

Never heard of Augustus Saint-Gaudens? The sculptor was a household name at the height of his career, and his monumental works continue to impress and to move those who view them. A visit to the prolific sculptor's New Hampshire home offers insight into Saint-Gaudens' artistry and inspirations, as well as the chance to view a surprising number of sculptures and to explore stunning gardens and grounds that also reflect the artist's ideals.

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