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Red Sox 2013 World Series Victory Parade

Boston Celebrates Third World Series Victory in a Decade


Boston will celebrate the Red Sox' 2013 World Series victory with a parade on Saturday, November 2. With mild, dry weather forecast for Saturday, the "Rolling Rally" may well draw an even larger crowd than the 1 million or so that turned out for 2004's rainy celebration following the Red Sox' first World Series win since 1918. The 2013 championship marked the first time Sox have won the series at home in Boston since 1918! The Curse of the Bambino is definitely permanently vanquished.

In a year when Boston suffered unthinkable tragedy at the Boston Marathon, heavily bearded baseball players have uplifted the city's spirits. The Red Sox' journey from last place in the league in 2012 to World Series champions in 2013 is testament to the resilience of New Englanders.

The celebratory parade begins at 10 a.m. at Fenway Park. Red Sox players, coaches and staff will ride Duck Boats through the city and past Boston Common and City Hall; the parade will conclude on the Charles River. The Ducks will enter the water and travel along the Charles River, as they did in 2004.

The event is being billed once again as a "Rolling Rally." There will be no stops along the parade route and no event at the parade's conclusion due to concerns about crowd sizes and security.

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