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Bonefish Grill Casts Its Sights on New England


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Bonefish Grill Drinks

The Hpnotiq Martini at Bonefish Grill is almost too drinkable... and yes, it glows! Parker's Margarita (in the background) also pairs well with Bang Bang Shrimp.

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When it came to drink advice, we turned to our team of three "Anglers," as the Bonefish Grill wait staff is dubbed. With just three days at the South Windsor Bonefish Grill under their belt, two new service employees were still tagging along with a trainer: an experienced server from New Jersey. It was evident that the culture at Bonefish Grill encourages each service staffer to be thoroughly familiar with the menu and completely comfortable making recommendations to guests.

Jess took the Anglers' advice and ordered Bonefish Grill co-founder Chris Parker's favorite margarita, made with fresh-squeezed orange juice and Grand Marnier. I'm not a martini drinker, but when Leah, the trainer, described the Hpnotiq Martini, I couldn't resist the photo op potential of a glowing cocktail. Hpnotiq is a blend of vodka, cognac and exotic fruit juices, and Bonefish Grill's Hpnotiq Martini also contains Malibu rum and pineapple juice. This sweet, summery beverage was more potent than it tasted: Dangerous! So, I limited myself to one.

Bonefish Grill also has an extensive wine list and serves craft brews, including Connecticut's own Thomas Hooker, on draft.

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