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Fall Projects for Kids

Help Kids Preserve Fall Memories with These Fun Leaf Crafts and Autumn Ideas


Traveling through New England with little ones this fall? Here are some fun fall projects for kids and adults alike to help you preserve colorful memories of fall in New England.

How To Make a Leaf Rubbing

Picture of a Leaf Rubbing
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Making your own leaf rubbing is a great fall craft project that allows you to preserve memories of your fall trip to New England. All you really need is paper and crayons, and, of course... leaves! Once you master the technique, use your autumn designs to decorate cards, gifts, textbook covers or stationery.

Fall Leaf Coloring Pages

Fall Leaf Coloring Page
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Print and color these fall leaf images and use them for school projects or as an activity to keep kids amused on long car trips in New England this autumn.

Apple Prints

Start with construction paper as your canvas, and when your kids get good at making apple prints with paint and real apples, you might try creating your own fall gift wrap or even a T-shirt.

Autumn Leaf Placemat Project

Even little kids can handle this project, which involves sealing real fall leaves in clear contact paper.

Leaf Collage Craft

Encourage kids to use their imaginations and own ideas, and see what wonderful things they can create using lovely fall leaves as art materials.

Make Leaf People

Transform fall leaves into colorful characters by adding googly eyes, yarn hair and a wardrobe made from fabric scraps.

Fall Leaf Wreaths

Gather colorful leaves as you enjoy New England fall walks, then use them to create your own wreath.

Fall Bouquet

All of the leaves, pinecones, acorns and other fall souvenirs you've collected can be used to create this bouquet in a bag; it makes a terrific centerpiece.

Leaf Mobile

Decorate kids' rooms for fall by creating a mobile with branches and pressed leaves.

Preserve Colorful Fall Leaves

There are several ways to preserve pretty leaves so that you can use them for craft projects or save them in scrapbooks. This article explains how to seal leaves in waxed paper, dry them in the microwave, dry them with silica gel or preserve them with glycerin.
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