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The 10 Most Memorable Things To Do on the Massachusetts North Shore


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Taste the World's Best Popcorn
Salem Willows Popcorn Salem Massachusetts

Hobbs' popcorn at Salem Willows waterfront park may well be the best popcorn in the world.

© 2007 Kim Knox Beckius
While we were playing at the beach on Plum Island one day, a nice couple told us that we had to go to Salem Willows for the "world's best popcorn." Over lunch (and Watermelon Ale) at Salem Beer Works, Derby Square Tours owner and Salem historian Jim McAllister also recommended a visit to Salem Willows, and he told us that even Jack Welch--the former GE chairman and Salem native--loves the popcorn. How could we resist?

Salem Willows is the rare surviving waterfront park of yesteryear; it dates to 1858. It has a few kiddie rides, picnic grounds, a fishing pier, waterfront walking trails and a bandstand... and the world's best popcorn.

When we tried our first bite, we were actually unimpressed. But as we continued to consume the fluffy, butter-soaked kernels, we became more and more enamored of Hobbs' popcorn. There was something immensely addictive about the taste and the crunch, and we were devastated to reach the bottom of the box. Okay, that's a bit strong, but if you're on the Massachusetts North Shore, you really have to try this popcorn.

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