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The 10 Most Memorable Things To Do on the Massachusetts North Shore


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Drink Watermelon Beer
Watermelon Beer at Salem Beer Works

Salem Beer Works is known for its creative beers, and when summer rolls around, you can't beat the refreshing taste of their Watermelon Ale.

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Our waiter at Salem Beer Works told us that each batch of the brewpub's Watermelon Ale contains 500 pounds of watermelon. One taste of this light, fruity and immensely refreshing beer--served with a watermelon garnish--and we were convinced.

Order it with the blueberry sausage, as my husband did, and you'll have your fruit group taken care of for the day! The host recommended crumbling the fresh watermelon into the beer before drinking. My husband was game and said it was good, but I was reluctant to chew my beer. I'll admit, though, that I used my slice of watermelon for dunking.

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