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The 10 Most Memorable Things To Do on the Massachusetts North Shore


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Dine at the Top of a Lighthouse
Lighthouse Dining at the Newburyport Lighthouse - Dinner in a Lighthouse

Surprise your favorite lighthouse lover with a memorable meal at the top of the Newburyport Lighthouse, and help save America's precious lights, too.

© 2007 Kim Knox Beckius
Want to join the Lighthouse Dining Club? The Newburyport Rear Range Light in Newburyport, Massachusetts, is the only lighthouse in America with a dinner table at the top. For a contribution of $350 to the Lighthouse Preservation Society, you'll enjoy incredible views and a memorable meal while helping to protect America's fragile and beautiful lighthouses.

The cozy dinner table for two or four--a popular spot for marriage proposals and special occasions--is yours for up to six hours, and your waitress will deliver any food and beverages you wish to order from two local restaurants: Starboard Galley Restaurant and Mission Oak Grill. All food purchases are above and beyond the tax-deductible donation to the Lighthouse Preservation Society.

We joined Lighthouse Preservation Society president Jay Hyland for a lighthouse lunch of chowder, salad, burgers and grilled cheese for the little one and had an opportunity to learn about what a wonderful fundraiser lighthouse dining has proven to be for the non-profit organization, which has made remarkable strides in saving America's lighthouses. Most dates are booked far in advance, so it's important to plan ahead if you hope to enjoy this one-of-a-kind dining experience while visiting the Massachusetts North Shore. For reservations and details, call toll free, 800-727-2326.

A few words of caution: You'll need to climb steep steps and a metal-rung ladder to reach the top of the lighthouse, and there are no bathrooms up there.

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