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Reader Recipe: Homemade Coffee Syrup


Make this regional favorite at home. Submitted by Tommy Souza, tommyrock@mediaone.net. Reprinted with permission.


  • coffee
  • water
  • sugar


Coffee syrup is truly a regional favorite. It's fairly simple, too. You have to use a percolator to do it right. Don't use one of those drip machines because you have to recycle the liquid.

Make three batches of coffee with the same liquid... i.e., you make one batch and then use the same coffee instead of fresh water but with new coffee grounds, OK? Basically you are recycling the coffee back through the new grounds, OK? So you now have made the equivalent of three pots of coffee recycling the same liquid. What you now have is a pot of very strong coffee, OK. Usually it takes about 12 minutes per single pot of coffee. Start timing after it starts to percolate. Times may differ.

Then add half the amount of sugar... e.g., if you end up with 4 cups of coffee, add 2 cups of sugar. Mix until dissolved. That's it!

1. Make one pot of coffee, then discard the grounds.
2. Add fresh grounds, percolate again, with the coffee as liquid, not fresh water.
3. Do this three times.
4. To the finished coffee mixture, add one half the amount of sugar.
5. Mix until sugar is completely dissolved.

Primarily, coffee syrup is stirred into cold milk, about 2-3 tablespoons per 10-ounce glass. Also, it is a popular ice cream flavor that is used for making frappes. Here in New England, milkshakes are prepared without the ice cream, frappes with it. Some even pour coffee syrup over ice cream!

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