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Massachusetts Pictures

This collection of Massachusetts pictures will allow you to visit this historic New England state virtually. If you are planning a Massachusetts vacation, these pictures provide a preview of what you'll see.

Photo Album: President Obama Vacations on Martha's Vineyard
Obama Martha's Vineyard vacation photos. Pictures of President Barack Obama and the First Family's summer 2009 vacation on the New England island of Martha's Vineyard.

Boston Photo Album
Boston is a city of enduring images past and present. This collection of Boston pictures will help you to re-live days spent in Boston seeing the sights. Or, if you're contemplating a trip to Boston, hopefully these pictures will help to inspire you to make reservations now.

The Obamas' 2013 Martha's Vineyard Vacation
Peek at the Obama family's Martha's Vineyard vacation photos to find inspiration for your own family's trip to this Massachusetts island.

Cape Cod Photo Album
These pictures will remind you of days spent on Cape Cod and build your anticipation for future visits.

Photo Gallery: Nantucket in the Spring
Enjoy these pictures of the Massachusetts island of Nantucket as daffodils and flowering trees add color to classic scenes of landmark attractions, beaches, the harbor, cranberry bogs, cobblestone streets, more.

Tanglewood Photo Album
An album of pictures of the Tanglewood Music Center, Berkshires summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and a magical place to see a concert. The Tanglewood Music Festival is a beloved New England summer tradition, as you'll see in these photos of picnicking at Tanglewood, the scenic grounds, the Shed, families with kids at play and the stage.

Along Lower Spectacle Pond in the Fall
Fall colors accent a liquid landscape in the Berkshires of Massachusetts in this photo by Geoffrey Coelho.

Apple of My Eye
"There is nothing sweeter than New England in the fall!" says Seth, who took this photo at Brookfield Orchards in North Brookfield, Massachusetts.

Apple Season
This picture of apple harvest season in New England was taken at Dowse Orchards in Sherborn, Massachusetts, on October 25, 2003 and submitted by Marthe.

Autumn Rainbow
This photo of fall colors along Route 16 in South Natick, Massachusetts, was submitted by Marthe.

Beach Wiffleball on a Summer Evening
Andy Vilardo, Joey Brooks and Sloan Buchan-McGilliard play wiffleball on the beach at sunset. This photo was taken at First Encounter Beach in Eastham, Massachusetts, and submitted by Andy Vilardo.

Bee Balm
Photographer Geoff Coelho took this photo of a Bee Balm flower in Otis, Massachusetts.

Beverly Moonrise
This late summer full moonrise photo was taken from Independence Park in Beverly, Massachusetts, by Joe Carver.

Brimfield Cows
This photograph of a cow in a field with a herd of Belties (the cows that look like Oreo cookies) was taken in Brimfield, Massachusetts, during the summer of 2003. Submitted by Tom.

Calf Breaching
This photo of a whale calf breaching was taken in the Stellwagen Bank area (off the coast of Boston) aboard Dolphin VII. Submitted by Michael Bruno.

Cape Cod Waterway
This photo of a Cape Cod waterway at the start of the fall foliage season was taken in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Submitted by Mark J. Romani.

Chatham Beach
This Cape Cod picture shows Chatham Beach, located across from the Chatham Lighthouse. Submitted by Belinda Ischy.

Chatham Lighthouse in a Nor'easter
This winter photo is of Chatham Lighthouse in Chatham, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod. Photographer Christopher Seufert says, "The Chatham Lighthouse kept turning through the 2006 Nor'easter, and the Coast Guard kept the snow blowers working double-time."

Church On the Way to Bash Bish Falls
This fall picture of a golden tree beside a church was taken by Linda Pulliam on the way to Bash Bish Falls in Massachusetts.

Cranberry Bogs in the Fall
This photo of a cranberry bog during the fall harvest season was taken in Edaville, Massachusetts, by Belinda Ischy.

The Dock at Vineyard Haven
This winter picture was taken at the dock in Vineyard Haven on Martha's Vineyard. Submitted by Kelly.

Double Burst
This photo was taken at the Northampton, Massachusetts, 350th anniversary fireworks celebration at the Northampton airport on June 19, 2004. Submitted by Mark J. Romani.

Dowse Orchards
This apple orchard picture was taken at Dowse Orchards in Sherborn, Massachusetts, in October of 2003. Submitted by Marthe.

Easton Meadow
This image of a colorful meadow was taken in Easton, Massachusetts, and submitted by Richard.

Emergent Fern
This spring photo of a new fern just starting to uncurl was taken in Otis, Massachusetts. Submitted by Geoff Coelho.

Fabulous Colors at Minute Man Park
This photo of fabulous fall colors was taken by Belinda Ischy at Minute Man National Historical Park in Concord, Massachusetts.

Fall Celebration
Hanako describes this fall foliage picture, taken in October 2003 on Mt. Greylock in Massachusetts, as a "festival of colors."

Fall's Finest
This fall leaves photo was taken along the Appalachian Trail in western Massachusetts. Submitted by Sailingmusic for the New England fall photo gallery.

Fall Sunset
This dramatic fall sunset was captured at Parker's Boatyard, Red Brook Harbor, Cataumet, MA. Submitted by Sailingmusic.

Fence in the Road
This fall foliage photo, taken in October of 2001, depicts a fence in Sheffield, Massachusetts. Submitted by H. David Stein.

Frozen in Time
This photograph of a frozen waterfall was taken in Easthampton, Massachusetts, at the bottom of the Holyoke range at mid-day on January 19, 2004--an ice-cold, ten below day. Submitted by Mark J. Romani.

Gay Head Lighthouse on Martha's Vineyard
This picture shows Gay Head Lighthouse on Martha's Vineyard. Photographer Belinda Ischy says, "I took this shot from a a boat so I could capture all the colors in the clay."

Golden Foliage
This fall foliage picture of a golden tree was taken in October of 2003 in Holliston, Massachusetts. Submitted by Marthe.

Grist Mill in Autumn
Golden foliage surrounds the Grist Mill at Longfellow's Wayside Inn in Sudbury, Massachusetts, in this autumn image.

This tranquil Martha's Vineyard picture was snapped in July of 2008 by Deborah Ebbeling.

Harvest Moon
This photo of the harvest moon over Wickett Island in Onset, Massachusetts, was submitted by Paula Crow.

Houghton Pond
This fall foliage photo was taken at Houghton Pond, located within the Blue Hills Reservation in Milton, Massachusetts, and submitted by Lien Nguyen.

In the Calm of the Morning
This fall foliage photo was taken at Laurel Lake in Lee, Massachusetts. Submitted by Sandy Watt.

This flower photo was taken behind a woodpile in Otis, Massachusetts, by Geoff Coelho.

Kingston Bay
This winter photo shows Kingston Bay in Massachusetts. Submitted by Sally Bones.

Lake Onota in the Fall
This photo of Lake Onota in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts was taken in October 2004 and shows just a touch of fall color. Submitted by Mike Marshall.

Low Tide: Hyannisport
This photo of a rowboat at low tide was taken on Cape Cod in Hyannisport, Massachusetts. Submitted by Robert Goodman.

Luminations of Scituate Lighthouse
This sunset photo is of the Scituate Lighthouse in Scituate, Massachusetts, by Belinda Ischy.

Massachusetts General in Winter
Snow covers the sculpture of a mother with her baby in front of the Bullfinch Building at Massachusetts General Hospital in this Boston winter photo. Submitted by Belinda Ischy.

Massachusetts Ice
This New England winter photo was taken by Bruce A. Lambert as he traveled along Route 20 in Russell, Massachusetts.

Morris Island Beach
This photo is of Morris Island Beach, part of the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge in Chatham, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod. Submitted by Christopher Seufert.

Mossy Rocks in a Stream
Geoffrey Coelho captured this serene scene in Otis, Massachusetts.

Motif # 1
Motif #1 in Rockport, Massachusetts, is one of New England's most famous scenes. This image of the fishing shack is by Nancie of Nancie's Photography.

Motif #1 - Rockport, Massachusetts
This photo is of Motif #1, the red fishing shack that is the most recognizable building in Rockport, Massachusetts. Motif #1 is a popular subject with New England painters and photographers. Submitted by Belinda Ischy.

A Mysterious Face
This photo was taken at Purgatory Chasm in Sutton, Massachusetts, in 2004. Photographer William Lee says, "This photo was taken focusing on the small tree! When the film was developed, there it was... a SINISTER FACE! (can you see it)?"

Nobksa Light
This photo of Nobska Light, the 1876 lighthouse at Woods Hole, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod, was submitted by Lisa Daley.

Oak Bluffs Harbor
This Martha's Vineyard photo was taken at Oak Bluffs Harbor and submitted by Lisa Daley.

October at Chatham Lighthouse Beach
This photo of autumn on Cape Cod was taken at Chatham Lighthouse Beach. Submitted by Christopher Seufert.

Paine's Creek
This Cape Cod picture shows Paine's Creek, located in Brewster, Massachusetts. Submitted by Bill DeSousa.

Plymouth Harbor in the Winter
This winter photo by Sally Bones shows iced-in boats in the harbor in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Poppy in a Provincetown Garden
This picture of a poppy flower was taken in Provincetown on Cape Cod. Submitted by Belinda Ischy.

Quabbin Reservoir at Sunset
Quabbin Reservoir in Belchertown, Massachusetts, is the scene of this gorgeous sunset photo submitted by William Carroll.

Race Point Lighthouse
Gail Behrik shares this photo of Race Point Lighthouse, located in Provincetown at the northern tip of Cape Cod.

Red Flower on the Forest Floor
This photo was taken along a mountain stream in Wyben, Massachusetts, by Mark J. Romani.

Red Leaves
This fall foliage picture was taken near Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts. Submitted by Gary Graff.

Red Shed in Winter
This winter photograph was taken at the Otis Reservoir in Otis, Massachusetts. Submitted by Geoff Coelho.

A Reflecting Pond
This fall scene was captured at a highlander cattle farm in Cummington, Massachusetts, in October 2003 by Mark J. Romani.

Reflections of Fall
This fall foliage picture was taken on Route 2, the Mohawk Trail, northwest of Boston, MA. Submitted by Gary Graff.

Reflections of Religion
A picture of the Christian Science Center in Boston and its reflecting pool. The First Church of Christ, Scientist, or "Mother Church," in Boston dates to 1894 and is the focal point of the religion's 14-acre headquarters complex. Submitted by Angelina Mystique DeLioncourt.

Rich Colors of an Autumn Pond
This brilliant fall foliage photo was taken at Rutland State Park in Massachusetts in October of 2008 by Mark J. Romani.

Ridgevale Beach
This photo submitted by Christopher Seufert is of Ridgevale Beach, a family-friendly beach on Nantucket Sound in Chatham, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod.

Seagull on Watch Patrol
This picture of a seagull standing sentry was taken at Menauhant Beach in East Falmouth on Cape Cod. Submitted by Susan.

A Sign of Spring
Otis, Massachusetts, photographer Geoff Coelho shares this picture of a bird's nest with five eggs.

Snow at Lake Quannapowitt
This photo was taken the day after the January 13, 2011 storm at Lake Quannapowitt in Wakefield, Massachusetts. Submitted by Lawrence Colleran.

Snow in Easton
This snowy photo was taken on Borderland Road in Easton, Massachusetts. Submitted by Richard.

Snowy Scene at Royal Pond
This snowy scene is of Royal Pond in Massachusetts, located on the Otis/Monterey town line. The photo was taken by Geoff Coelho in November of 2005.

Sunrise on the Lord's House
This photo by Mark J. Romani was taken in late September of 2003 at 7:20 a.m. The church is located on Route 202 in Granby, Massachusetts.

Sunset in P-town
This photo of Provincetown, located on the tip of Cape Cod, features the silhouette of the Pilgrim Monument against a sunset sky. Submitted by Belinda Ischy.

Sunset on Menauhant Beach
This sunset photo was taken by Susan at Menauhant Beach in East Falmouth on Cape Cod.

Swan Boats at the Bridge
This picture by Belinda Ischy shows Boston's famous swan boats in Boston Public Garden.

Tower View
This aerial photo submitted by P.A. Jones shows the view of Sunderland, Massachusetts, from Sugarloaf Tower, the observation tower at Mount Sugarloaf State Reservation in South Deerfield.

White Fence and Fall Foliage
This fall picture was taken on Maple Street in Sherborn, Massachusetts, a rural town not far from Boston, by Marthe.

Winter Beach
A sunset at Cape Cod's Chatham Lighthouse Beach flares briefly before being overtaken by a rain squall on a cold February day in this winter photo by Christopher Seufert.

Winter Reflections Along the Merrimack River
Nancie captured this stunning winter scene along the Merrimack River in Massachusetts following a February 2010 snowstorm.

Yokum Pond
This panoramic fall foliage photo, taken in October of 2001, is of Yokum Pond in Becket, Massachusetts. Submitted by H. David Stein.

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