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Cape Cod Travel Guide

Plan Your Trip to the Cape, Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard


Cape Cod Family Travel

Ocean Edge Resort was a great spot for my daughter's first Cape Cod travel experience.

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What is it that makes Cape Cod and the nearby islands of Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard so popular with New England travelers, particularly during the summer travel months? The Cape and Islands boast miles of ocean beaches, sandy dunes, the freshest seafood served seaside, art galleries, scenic golf courses and lovely villages. The region's appeal, however, is much more than the sum of its parts.

Cape Cod, Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard all leave powerful impressions on visitors, and many return at various stages of their lives to collect more treasured memories of carefree days scented with salty air, flavored with fried clams and buttery-rich lobster, and punctuated with sunsets, breezes and opportunities to reconnect with children, sweethearts or their own inner rhythms.

If you're planning to travel to Cape Cod, Nantucket and/or Martha's Vineyard, this guide is your starting place for finding and reserving lodging, designing an itinerary and getting to know this area's vacation possibilities.

Cape Cod Travel Guide

Cape Cod Living

Highlights: Cape Cod, Nantucket & Martha's Vineyard

The Ultimate Family Escape on the Cape
Ocean Edge Resort on Cape Cod is one of New England's largest resorts, a 400-acre property with a 700-foot private beach on Cape Cod Bay that provides luxury, country club-style family getaways. With four outdoor pools, two indoor pools, five hot tubs, luxury rental villas, golf, tennis, spa services and a summer children's program, it is the ultimate family escape on the Cape.

Bargain Hunting at Christmas Tree Shops in Hyannis
If you're unfamiliar with Christmas Tree Shops, you're in for a true treat when you discover one of these bargain emporiums during your Cape Cod travels.

A Girls' Escape to the Quiet Cape
Winter is the perfect, quiet season for a girls' escape to Cape Cod. A change of scenery, a bit of pampering, satisfying and comforting foods, music and laughter are amazingly restorative, and my friend, Jessica, and I found them all at the Dan'l Webster Inn.

A Vacation With and From the Kids
What will you do while the kids are involved with free, supervised activities all day? That may be the toughest question you'll have to answer once you make the easy decision to choose the Red Jacket Beach Resort for your Cape Cod family vacation.

Do the Dunes!
You haven't truly been to Cape Cod unless you've experienced the remarkable sand dunes in Provincetown. Come along on a virtual dune tour and learn how to book your own dune excursion.

Cape Cod Choo Choo
Watch the bogs go by aboard the Cape Cod Central Railroad.

Where do Potato Chips Come From?
See where some of the best potato chips are made when you visit the Cape Cod Potato Chip Company in Hyannis for a free factory tour and a free sample.

The Pilgrim Monument: It's Not Where You'd Expect It To Be
It's on Cape Cod!

Christmas Nostalgia on Cape Cod
The Enchanted Village at the Cape Codder Resort & Spa on Cape Cod is a delightful free attraction that delivers a healthy dose of Christmas nostalgia for anyone who cherishes the simple magic of old-fashioned holiday displays.

Irreconcilable Accommodations Differences?
Cape Cod's Lamb and Lion Inn is the perfect compromise for the couple that can't agree on a typical hotel vs. a cozy B&B.

A Martha's Vineyard Guide for the Rest of Us
The Obamas and the Clintons both chose Martha's Vineyard as a vacation hideaway. Here's a guide to the island for everyone who isn't traveling with a Secret Service entourage.

Click Up a Martha's Vineyard Vacation
Martha's Vineyard sits just seven miles off the Massachusetts coast, but it has a reputation for being an involved place to visit. The Winnetu Inn & Resort, however, makes it easy to escape to Martha's Vineyard with an online reservation system that is a Net-savvy vacationer's dream come true.

Photo Gallery: Nantucket in the Spring
The Massachusetts island of Nantucket lies 26 miles off the coast of Cape Cod, but a world away, especially in the springtime before summer's crowds arrive. Enjoy these pictures of Nantucket's harbor, beaches, lighthouses, cobblestone streets, cranberry bogs and historic attractions, along with the flowering trees and sunny daffodils that are a harbinger of spring on this lovely island.

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