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The 9 Neatest Northampton Shops


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A Guide to Shopping in Northampton, Massachusetts
Northampton Shops - Photo of Pinch Gallery Northampton Massachusetts

If you love to shop, you'll adore Northampton, Massachusetts' shops and galleries filled with creative gifts. Many, like Pinch Gallery, feature items made locally by New Englanders.

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Dateline: 12/16/09
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Northampton is a funky little college town in west central Massachusetts' Pioneer Valley that is a shopper's nirvana. Much like Woodstock, New York, though a tad less psychedelic, Northampton is home to dozens of galleries, boutiques and gift shops, all within an easily walkable expanse centered along Main Street.

Northampton is the perfect destination for New England travelers looking to spend an afternoon drifting in and out of clever shops discovering the work and wares of New England artisans and entrepreneurs. Here are my nine picks for the neatest Northampton shops. Don't miss these, and enjoy hunting for favorite shops of your own, too.

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