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Chebeague Island Inn: A Place to Hit the Reset Button


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Getting to Chebeague Island
Chebeague Island Ferry

The Chebeague Transportation Company's ferry makes the trip from Cousins Island, which is connected to the mainland by a bridge from Yarmouth, to Chebeague Island in just 15 minutes. Be prepared to pay your fare with cash or a check.

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Chebeague Island (pronounced shuh-Beeg) is the largest of about 200 islands that dot Casco Bay, the saltwater inlet known best as home to Maine's largest city: Portland. There are three ways to reach Chebeague Island: After researching my options and speaking with a helpful staff person at the Chebeague Island Inn, it became obvious that taking the ferry from Yarmouth would be cost-effective and stress-free. The Chebeague Island Ferry operates year-round and offers frequent departures (see schedule), so missing one boat doesn't mean your vacation will be delayed for hours. The cost as of 2013 is just $15 round-trip. It's an additional $15 per night to park at the ferry's satellite parking lot on Route 1 in Cumberland--$10 per night less than it's likely to cost you to park in downtown Portland. From there, a bus takes you to the ferry dock in ample time to board the ferry for a quick, 15-minute trip to Chebeague Island.

A bonus: This is the ferry service most often used by islanders--who all seem to know each other--so you'll overhear authentic Maine accents and learn a bit about island life as you cross Casco Bay with residents who've been to Yarmouth to stock up on provisions.

It's just about a two-hour drive from Boston to the Chebeague Island Ferry parking lot, three hours and 45 minutes from Hartford, Connecticut.

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