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Chebeague Island Inn: A Place to Hit the Reset Button


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Rediscover Your Natural Rhythms at Maine's Historic Island Hotel
Chebeague Island Inn

It takes as little as 15 minutes to reach the Chebeague Island Inn on Maine's Chebeague Island by ferry, but in that quarter-hour, as your destination zooms into view, you may find many of your cares dissolving.

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Readers sometimes ask me to suggest a destination where they can retreat from the world. Not someplace rustic or too remote, yet far enough removed that they can reconnect as a couple or get away solo to reflect or even to heal from anything from one of life's curveballs to a major trauma. They are seeking a safe, welcoming, soothing haven, where the demands and responsibilities of life fall away, and the pace of the day is dictated by whim and wonder.

After a single night on an island in Maine in July 2011, I now know the Chebeague Island Inn can provide this respite, while also serving as the backdrop for an active, picturesque and truly memorable getaway.

I travel all the time, but I was still slightly flustered at the prospect of driving to Maine, catching a ferry, crossing Casco Bay and exploring an island alone: especially since--I'm embarrassed to admit--it had been 10 years since I last pedaled a bicycle. As it turned out, the ferry was a piece of cake, the Chebeague Island Inn's lovely and professional staff made me feel completely catered to and at home, and riding a bike is, well... just like riding a bike!

After an afternoon of swimming in the ocean, biking to a clam shack and strolling past charming houses to a quiet cove, and an evening of savoring lobster corn dogs and mint chocolate chip cookies warm from the oven while watching one of the most spectacular New England sunsets I've ever beheld, I slumbered deeply... weary not from mentally taxing to-do lists but from exertion... and woke with the daylight, refreshed in spite of the early hour. I knew in that moment I'd had the rare chance to rediscover the rhythm that suits me.

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