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The Sweetest Moose in Maine


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Lenny the Moose is One in 76,000
Life Size Chocolate Moose Lenny

A stop at Maine's Len Libby Chocolates is a must for moose lovers. It took four weeks of sculpting to create Lenny, the life-size chocolate moose.

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I know what you're thinking... you'd have to kiss a lot of moose to declare one the sweetest in all of Maine. After all, wildlife biologists at Maine's Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife estimate the state moose population to be about 76,000.

Finding that one special moose in 76,000 isn't as tricky as you'd imagine, though. It doesn't take months of puckered pursuit to determine which moose is made of the sweetest stuff. It only takes one trip... to Len Libby Chocolates in Scarborough, Maine.

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