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The Children's Museum of Maine

A Portland, Maine, Attraction for Kids


Children's Museum of Maine - Portland Maine Attraction for Kids

Year-round, little visitors find a variety of interactive exhibits to explore at the Children's Museum of Maine on Free Street in downtown Portland.

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Updated: May 6, 2014

Introduction: While I toured Victoria Mansion in Portland, Maine, one of the featured places in my New England's Historic Homes & Gardens book, my husband and daughter spent two hours at the Children's Museum of Maine, an exceedingly kid-friendly attraction in the heart of this coastal city. My daughter couldn't wait to tell me all about her adventures. Here is her first-hand account of what it was like to play and learn at the Children's Museum of Maine on a July morning in 2008.

I milked a cow. There were eggs I got from a hen. I drove a tractor. I pumped water, and I drove a rocket ship, and I drove a fire truck. I slid down the pole to get off.

I drove two boats. I fished for lobsters, and I pulled the anchor. I pumped gas and drove a racecar and fixed it up with tools.

There were real live bees. And guess what--there was a queen bee. I saw the queen bee (they put a white dot on the queen bee). Outside, there was a pirate ship. I hoisted the flag on the pirate ship. I went inside a castle, and I banged musical things. Daddy banged a gong, and I banged a gong, too. Daddy read me a book: Farmer Duck.

Me and Daddy got caught by a tick. It's a stuffed animal tick, and it caught us. And I got an ice cream cone stamp. There's a gift shop. I did puppet shows, and I even made my own dinner thing. I made a video of my favorite food, and I said, "Tuna steak on the grill." I danced on stage.

A globe spun up and down and around. I saw the North Pole and the Arctic.

There was a lighthouse. We went inside. And guess what else. There was a baby place. You put a beach ball on top of your yellow thing, and it puffs air, and the ball goes up.

I liked climbing in the treehouse. There were boats, and I could build my own track that the boats could go in. I climbed a rock wall all by myself--all the way to the top. I got down OK. I did not jump; Daddy helped me down.

That's about it.

The Children's Museum & Theatre of Maine
142 Free Street
Portland, Maine

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