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New England Lobster Recipes

Lobster recipes and cooking tips from New England including stews, bisques, salads, crepes, cocktails, casseroles, and more.

Grilled Lobster Recipe - How to Grill Lobsters
Grilled lobster is a treat! If you are searching for a grilled lobster recipe, here are the basics of how to grill lobsters.

How to Boil Lobsters
Boiling is probably the most popular way to cook New England lobsters, and it's easier than you might think!

Lobster in Bed
Is lobster the latest breakfast food? MElobster.com says, "yes!"

Lobster Nachos Recipe
Lobster Nachos make a decadent snack or appetizer that's easy to prepare if you start with cooked lobster meat. Here's my Lobster Nachos recipe, inspired by the Seafood Nachos at Red Lobster and perfected in my own New England kitchen.

Lobster Pie Recipe
Reader recipe for Lobster Pie submitted to New England for Visitors by Ern Grover.

Crepe Filled with Lobster Madeira
Recipe for Crepe Filled with Lobster Madeira from the Flood Tide Restaurant at The Inn at Mystic in Mystic, Connecticut.

Lobster Sliders Recipe
Lobster sliders are the perfect fun-sized sandwiches to serve at a party... especially when the New England Patriots play! Here's an easy recipe for these little hot buttered lobster sandwiches.

Maine Lobster Pie Recipe from Berry Manor Inn
A savory pie recipe featuring lobster meat from Maine's Berry Manor Inn.

Lobster With Corn, Tomatoes, Green Beans and Citrus Vinaigrette
This recipe for Lobster With Corn, Tomatoes, Green Beans and Citrus Vinaigrette is from 'Bistro Cooking at Home,' a cookbook by Boston chef Gordon Hamersley. Hamersley opened his restaurant, Hamersley's Bistro, 15 years ago and since has become one of the most influential and recognizable chefs in Boston.

Smoked Cod and Lobster Chowder Recipe
Smoked Cod and Lobster Chowder Recipe from Chez Henri Chef Paul O'Connell and former New England Patriots linebacker Gino Cappelletti prepared in Dallas at the 2011 Taste of the NFL Super Bowl halftime competition. Add a taste of New England to your Super Bowl party with this lobster chowder recipe.

Traditional Maine Lobster Bakes
Here are complete instructions for your own backyard lobster bake.

Cookbook Review: "Lobster at Home"
From your About Guide, learn to cook lobster at home with this cookbook from acclaimed New England chef Jasper White.

Basic Boiled Lobster
From Graffam Brothers Lobster Co., here's a recipe for boiling live lobsters in water and wine.

Broiled Lobster
From Graffam Brothers Lobster Co., take lobsters from live to broiled in seven easy steps.

Captain Tim's Lobster Salad
From The Lobster Guy himself, Tim Handrigan, here's a recipe for Lobster Salad that will make for a great sandwich.

Emeril's New England Lobster Rolls
Celebrity Chef and New England native Emeril Lagasse shared his lobster roll recipe with Good Morning America viewers. Here's how to recreate this decadent lobster sandwich at home.

Gramp's Hearty Lobster Stew
Nothing warms you up on a cold winter day like a bowl of piping hot lobster stew. Here's a traditional recipe from Pine Point Seafood.

Grilled Lobster with Lemon/Lime Butter
Make delicious lobsters on your barbecue grill with this recipe from the Maine Lobster Promotion Council.

Lobster Balls on Toothpicks
From the Maine Lobster Promotion Council, try this lobster hors d'oeuvre recipe at your next party.

Lobster Casserole with Water Chestnuts and Bacon
From Graffam Brothers Lobster Co., this tasty lobster casserole with lobster, mushrooms, cheddar, water chestnuts, sherry, and bacon cooks up in 20 minutes.

Lobster Cocktail
Try this tangy appetizer recipe from the Maine Lobster Promotion Council.

Lobster Quiche with Bacon
From Graffam Brothers Lobster Co., this rich quiche recipe calls for lobster, scallions, swiss cheese, and bacon.

Lobster Stew
Lobster, onion, and potatoes are the key ingredients in this satisfying stew recipe, from Blue Harbor House in Camden, Maine.

Maine's Own Lobster Roll
From Graffam Brothers Lobster Co., have your bun ready because this lobster roll recipe is ready as soon as you've mixed three ingredients.

Recipes from Maine Lobster Direct
Portland's Maine Lobster Direct shares eight lobster recipes, including baked stuffed Maine lobster, lobster mousse, lobster pate, and lobsters with champagne butter.

Recipes from the Maine Lobster Promotion Council
The Maine Lobster Promotion Council provides nearly 600 recipes for enjoying Maine lobster.

Rhode Island Lobster Roll
Make Lobster Roll Rhode Island-style, with celery and mayonnaise, with this recipe from The Lobster Guy.

Steamed Whole Lobster
Here are quick instructions for steaming and serving whole lobsters, from Lobster Direct.

Tropical Lobster Salad
From The Lobster Guy, here's a user-submitted recipe for a zesty Tropical Lobster Salad.

Lobster Egg Rolls: A Visual, Step-by-Step Guide
Lobster egg rolls are easy to make and a perfect recipe for leftover lobster meat. Make egg rolls with New England flair with this recipe for lobster egg rolls with a maple honey soy dipping sauce. This step-by-step visual guide shows how to prepare and cook lobster egg rolls.

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