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How To Eat Lobster


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Twist To Break the Tail Away From the Body
How To Eat Lobster - Twist To Break the Tail Away From the Body - What's That Green Stuff?
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With the lobster's tail spread open, grasp the lobster with two hands and break the tail away from the body with one decisive twist.

Ew. OK. Let's talk about that green stuff. Often, when you break the lobster's tail away from its body or carapace, you'll discover some squishy green stuff. That's technically tomalley--the lobster's liver. Some folks consider tomalley a delicacy. However, because mercury and other environmental contaminants are concentrated in the lobster's liver, I wouldn't advise you to eat it. If you're near a sink, that's usually the best way to wash it away.

Now, if you spot bright red bits inside your lobster tail, you know you're eating a female. That's lobster roe--lobster eggs. Roe is also considered a delicacy and is safe to eat.

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How to Eat Lobster

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