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How To Eat Lobster


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Good 'Til the Last Bite
How To Eat Lobster Legs - Lobster Eating Photos and Instructions - Good 'Til the Last Bite
© 2006 Kim Knox Beckius
Now, I told you that there is meat in a lobster's scrawny legs. As you might imagine, though, it's not all that easy to get to. The best technique is to bite down hard on each leg section to loosen the meat, dip the leg in drawn butter, then suck the meat out, as my husband, Bruce, demonstrates here.

I owe Bruce a big "thanks" for helping me show you step by step how to eat lobster like a New Englander. The lobster was a good sport, too.

You're ready now to enjoy one of New England's distinct pleasures. Once you've had your first luscious taste of lobster, I guarantee you'll be hooked for life.

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How to Eat Lobster

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