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Funky Pumpkins, Surprising Squashes and Wicked Cool Gourds


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Not the Pilgrims' Pumpkins!
Warty Pumpkins - Picture of a Warted Pumpkin

Warty pumpkins are a newly engineered breed that's all the rage.

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The Pilgrims ate pumpkin at their first Thanksgiving feast, but you can bet they'd be shocked to see this odd, warted pumpkin. No, it does not have second-degree burns, and it's not rotten or diseased. Warty pumpkins have been genetically engineered to look, well... hideous!

Farmer Todd Brown says he grows two varieties of warty pumpkins at his Massachusetts farm: Knuckle Head and Goose Bumps. Michigan-based Siegers Seed Co. is the source for what they call the "freakiest pumpkins around," and, according to the company's Web site, yes--you can carve a warty pumpkin.

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