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Funky Pumpkins, Surprising Squashes and Wicked Cool Gourds


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One of These Things Does Not Belong Here
Blue Pumpkin - Jarrahdale Squash

Do you spy the pumpkin of a different color in this photo?

© 2010 Kim Knox Beckius
Orange pumpkins are the norm. White pumpkins are becoming increasingly common. But a blue pumpkin? This rare specimen may seem a bit out of place in a sea of orange, but what a conversation piece! Technically, this blue-green pumpkin is a Jarrahdale squash, a variety that originated in New Zealand. It has golden orange flesh and a nutty flavor and can be substituted for pumpkin or squash in your favorite fall recipe. Or, carve your Jarrahdale squash like a pumpkin, and you'll have the only blue jack-o-lantern on the block.

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