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How to Make a Moose Pumpkin... and Why You Probably Shouldn't Race It!


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The Perfect New England Halloween Decoration

When I said I was making a moose pumpkin, I had my doubters, but they all admitted he turned out wicked cute.

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I've had so many cool moose adventures in New England, from my first moose encounter while on a Moose Safari in Maine in 1998 to memorable moose sightings on a drive through New Hampshire's Moose Alley in 2002 to my ultimate moose experience: hugging a baby moose at the Maine Wildlife Park during the summer of 2013. So, when it came time to design a pumpkin to race in the Pumpkin Derby at the Damariscotta Pumpkinfest in Maine, my very first thought was... Moose Pumpkin!

I'll admit: I wasn't sure my "vision" would be easy to achieve. It took a bit of Yankee ingenuity, but in the end, my family's collaborative efforts resulted in a Moose Pumpkin that was so wicked cute, I hated to race him!

To Make a Moose Pumpkin, You Will Need:
1 large, round pumpkin (about 12 pounds)
1 Munchkin pumpkin gourd
Dark brown paint (Daler Rowney Simply Acrylic in a tube from Wal-Mart provided great coverage, but spray paint may be a better option if you're building a Moose Pumpkin to race)
3" foam paint roller and paintbrushes
Pumpkin carving knives (I like the 5-piece Pumpkin Masters set)
Electric drill with 1/2-inch bit
Pair of ivory ladies' gloves
12 Pipecleaners
Bag of batting
Fence staples (found these at Ace Hardware)
2 ping-pong balls
2 Cotton balls
Black Sharpie marker

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