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Fiddleheads Recipes - Fiddlehead Fern Recipe Collection

Fiddleheads are a New England spring delicacy that can be consumed raw or cooked. Here are some fiddleheads recipes from New England to help you prepare this vegetable, which is actually a tightly coiled young fern, at home. Also learn how to share your own favorite fiddlehead fern recipe.

What Are Fiddleheads?
Before you cook fiddleheads, learn all about these unique ferns that are harvested in New England in the spring.

Easy Recipe for Boiled Fiddleheads
An easy recipe for boiled fiddleheads, including advice on where to find wild New England fiddlehead ferns, submitted by Lona of the Hill People.

Fiddlehead Casserole Recipe
Reader and Maine outdoorsman Mark shares this suggestion for making a fiddlehead casserole by substituting fiddleheads in a green bean casserole recipe.

Fiddlehead Omelet Recipe
Reader Rachel Evans, who married a long-time Mainer, shares this recipe for a Fiddlehead Omelet made with fresh Maine fiddleheads.

Fiddleheads and Scallops Recipe
This recipe features fiddleheads and scallops. If you're looking for a way to transform fiddleheads into a delectable dinner, this colorful spring recipe offers inspiration.

Recipe for Fiddleheads with Mushrooms, Onions and Garlic
Recipe for fiddleheads with mushrooms onions and garlic, submitted by Janine. Serve over pasta or as a side veggie.

Fiddlehead Dip
From the "What's For Suppah?" program on Maine's PBS station, here is a recipe for a warm dip featuring chopped fiddleheads, garlic, sweet onions and cheeses.

Fiddlehead Ferns and Angel Hair Pasta
From native New Englander and celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse, here's a recipe that combines fiddleheads, pasta and Creole seasoning.

Fiddlehead Ferns with Brown Butter and Prosciutto
From the Today Show, here is a unique recipe for fiddlehead ferns shared by Chefs Clark Frasier and Mark Gaier of Arrows Restaurant in Ogunquit, Maine.

Fiddlehead Pasta Primavera
Here's a New England fiddleheads recipe to try at home if you're craving a vegetarian pasta dish.

Gnocchi and Fiddleheads
Starchefs.com gives us this recipe from chef Dante deMagistris of the blu in Boston for Potato Gnocchi in Celery Broth with Sauteed Fava Beans, Fiddleheads, Asparagus and Pecorino Romano. That's a mouthful!

Maine Fiddlehead Salad
This zesty salad recipe incorporates cooked fiddleheads.

Mainiac Ham and Cheese Pie with Fiddleheads
Whip up a taste of Maine with this recipe from Castleview By the Sea Bed and Breakfast in Camden, Maine. It uses crab meat and fiddleheads, along with the ham and cheese.

Marinated Fiddlehead Salad
From the "What's For Suppah?" program on Maine's PBS station, here is a recipe for a chilled and marinated fiddlehead salad.

Morel and Fiddlehead Fern Ragout
Emeril cooking with fiddleheads? Yup. Although you might associate the celebrity chef with Louisiana, he actually hails from New England.

Stir-Fried Fiddleheads
Scroll down to the bottom of this page to find this easy recipe for stir-fried fiddleheads from A Taste of the Mountains cooking school in New Hampshire, as published by Mother Earth News.

Vermont Fiddlehead Pie
This spring specialty recipe from The Combes Family Inn in Ludlow, Vermont, features chopped fiddleheads and Vermont cheddar.

Vermont Fiddleheads with Cob Smoked Ham and Pasta
This recipe is a Vermont variation on a classic Italian pasta dish.

River Catfish with Fiddleheads and Potatoes
From Yankee Magazine, here's a recipe for a wild supper featuring both fiddleheads and catfish filets.

Share YOUR Fiddlehead Fern Recipe
Have your own favorite way to prepare fiddleheads? Here's how to submit your fiddleheads recipe for possible publication.

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