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New England Family Travel: Fun Attractions for Families

There's plenty for the younger set to enjoy when you travel in New England, from cool museums to amusement parks, and more. Plan your New England family vacation with this state-by-state guide to fun attractions for families.
  1. Connecticut for Families
  2. Maine for Families
  3. Massachusetts for Families
  4. New Hampshire for Families
  5. New York State for Families
  6. Rhode Island for Families
  7. Vermont for Families

New England Family Vacation Ideas
Whether your children are tots or teens, a New England family vacation will be an experience you'll all remember. There's so much to do within this historic and diverse region. Your kids may even learn something... but it's probably a good idea if you don't let on! Here's your guide planning a fun family escape in New England.

Baby's Firsts: Memorable New England Travel Experiences for Preschoolers
Preschoolers approach the world with such wonder and energy that they allow us to see even places we know well with a fresh set of eyes. If you're planning a New England vacation with preschool-aged children or grandchildren, these accounts of some of my baby's most memorable early travel experiences will help you discover wonderful destinations...

Traveling with Teens in New England
Traveling to New England with teens? Here are a few attractions that might actually convince them to turn off their iPods and cell phones for a while.

You'll Be A-Maized!
Corn mazes crop up all over New England each fall. They're fun for all ages and a great way to "lose yourselves" for a bit. Here's your guide to corn mazes in New England, including the region's largest corn maze--Davis' Mega Maze.

Getting Baby to Sleep Through the Night: A New England Secret
Your New England Guide's newborn began sleeping through the night consistently just before she turned two months old. What's the secret? As you might guess, it's got something to do with New England.

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