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White Flower Farm Photo Tour

Find Gardening Inspiration at One of New England's Most Beautiful Farms


The famous White Flower Farm catalog comes to life at the historic nursery's lovely and sprawling Litchfield, Connecticut, retail store and display gardens. It's free to visit White Flower Farm, to stroll among the flower borders, to shop and to find inspiration for your own home garden.

I decided to make a quick stop at White Flower Farm in August of 2008 and wound up spending hours exploring and photographing the scenic property. The White Flower Farm store is open daily 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. April through October. If you're a serious gardener, be sure to bring a camera and notebook. Groups interested in guided tours should call 860-567-8789 in advance.

Enjoy these pictures from a stunning summer day at one of New England's most beautiful farms.

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White Flower Farm in Litchfield Connecticut - PhotoWelcome to White Flower FarmWhite Flower Farm ViewWhat a ViewGo for a Stroll at White Flower Farm Litchfield CTGo for a StrollMixed Border - White Flower Farm PhotoMixed Border
Lloyd Border at White Flower Farm Litchfield CT - PictureThe Lloyd BorderPhoto of Butterfly on a Leaf at White Flower Farm Store in LitchfieldA Winged VisitorWhite Flower Farm Red Flower Close Up PhotoA Photographer's DreamYellow Daylily Photo - Hemerocallis Hyperion at White Flower Farm in Litchfield ConnecticutHemerocallis Hyperion
Echinacea Harvest Moon Photo - White Flower FarmTake NotesDahlia Star's Favorite - Pink Dahlia PhotoStar's FavoriteLatest Flame Dahlia - Photo of Bright Orange-Red Dahlia Flowers at White Flower FarmLatest FlameWhite Flower Farm Picture - A Working FarmA Working Farm
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