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October Snow in Connecticut

Unusual Pre-Halloween Storm Zaps Power and Knocks Foliage Season for a Loop


Last night, my disgruntled daughter lamented: "This is the first time in my nine years that Halloween's been ruined because of snow." It's the first time in my many more than nine years that I've seen a storm like this. Sure, I lived through Snow Leaf in New York's Hudson Valley in early October of 1987, which similarly devastated trees still sporting their autumn foliage. But that storm didn't dump more than a foot of snow! Here's a look at the scene outside my window during and after the storm.

With my Connecticut town 100% without power for nearly two days, Halloween's demise isn't my biggest gripe: I am going slightly bonkers without Internet or even cell phone service! I miss them more than hot water!

I've managed to get online for a few hours today in Hartford, so I'm glad, at least, to share a few photos of the devastation that surrounds me here in CT. If you're fortunate to be trick-or-treating tonight with your kids, think of us sitting in the dark--bored out of our gourds--and have a Butterfinger for me!

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October Snow - Fall Leaves Tree Branch Down in CemeteryA Mournful ScenePower Lines Down in Connecticut Following October Snow StormIn the DarkRoads Closed and Wires Down in Connecticut October Snow StormTricky DrivingLeaves on SnowLeaves on Snow
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