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Connecticut Fall Foliage Photos

Fall foliage season is a picturesque time of year in Connecticut. These Connecticut fall foliage photos will provide you with a glimpse of the state's autumn beauty and hopefully inspire you to visit and see Connecticut's lovely leaves for yourself.

Unusual October Snow Wreaks Halloween Havoc in Connecticut
A foot of snow fell in Connecticut the weekend before Halloween 2011. These photos show the devastation to foliage-laden trees, which has caused widespread power outages and canceled trick-or-treating.

The Color of Nature
A brilliant fall foliage picture snapped in Wilton, Connecticut, and submitted by Robbie Bailer.

Fall Foliage at Lake Waramaug
This fall foliage photo was taken by Sandy Watt at Connecticut's Lake Waramaug.

Fall in Connecticut
This fall foliage photo was snapped in Weston, Connecticut, by Shannon Beecroft Garrity.

Fall Reflections
This photo of a railroad bridge and fall foliage reflected in the water was taken in Windsor, Connecticut. Submitted by Mark Sanderson.

Fall Scene on the Housatonic River
This photo of fall foliage along the Housatonic River in Connecticut was taken at the West Cornwall Covered Bridge by Sandy Watt.

Fall Splurge Near Lake Waramaug
This stunning fall foliage photo was taken during the 2006 fall season some place near the road encircling Lake Waramaug in Connecticut. Submitted by Mayukh Goswami.

Fall Waterside Colors
Connecticut's Lake Waramaug is a lovely place to spy the colors of fall. Submitted by Sandy Watt.

Fishing on the Housatonic River
This fall fishing photo by Linda Pulliam was taken from near the West Cornwall Covered Bridge in Connecticut.

Lantern Hill Pond in the Fall
This photo of Lantern Hill Pond in Ledyard, Connecticut, was taken from the summit of Lantern Hill. Submitted by Erika Hall.

This picture of a pile of pumpkins was taken in Cromwell, Connecticut, by Christopher Zurcher.

The Quiet Corner
This fall foliage photo by Anthony Chabot was taken in Northeastern Connecticut, an area known as "The Quiet Corner."

Stone Wall in Connecticut
This photo of fall foliage and a Connecticut stone wall was taken on a backroad in Riverton, Connecticut, and submitted by Mark J. Romani.

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