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10 Reasons to Cruise New England and Canada on Carnival


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Set Sail Aboard Carnival Glory on a Memorable New England and Canada Cruise
Carnival Glory

Carnival Glory, launched by Carnival Cruises in 2003, is a floating resort that plies the waters of New England and Atlantic Canada in summer and fall. It will emerge even more glorious for the 2013 sailing season after a Fun Ship 2.0 makeover.

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On July 7, 2012, my husband, 9-year-old daughter and I departed from Boston aboard Carnival Glory for a five-night voyage along New England's shores and north to two ports in the Canadian Maritimes. Carnival has ramped up its Canada/New England cruise offerings (check fares at Expedia or book direct with CruiseDirect) from Boston and New York City, with sailings from four to seven nights. With affordable fares and enticing activities in port and at sea, travelers will find cruising an ideal way to maximize their vacation time and investment.

This was my husband's and daughter's first cruise: I hadn't been on a cruise ship in two decades. So, for all of us, our time aboard Carnival Glory was a chance to discover why so many travelers find cruises appealing, as well as why Boston is an ideal point of departure. We met one fellow guest who was on her 52nd Carnival cruise! And when I asked the obvious question, "What keeps you coming back?" she replied: "They treat me well."

You don't have to be an uber-frequent cruiser or a travel journalist to enjoy the same sense of pampered indulgence. Doubtful? Go straight to Reason #5! If you're considering seeing New England and Atlantic Canada from a cruise ship but still on the fence, here are 10 reasons this mode of travel makes a whole lot of sense.

Reason 1 - Getting to Cruiseport Boston is Easy
Reason 2 - Do the Math: A Carnival Cruise is an Incredible Value
Reason 3 - Visit Interesting Ports in Canada and New England
Reason 4 - Escape the Heat
Reason 5 - Eat All the Lobster You Want
Reason 6 - Share Memorable "Firsts" with Your Kids
Reason 7 - Be Thoroughly Entertained
Reason 8 - Find Serenity
Reason 9 - Enjoy Charming, Professional Service
Reason 10 - Never Look at Towels the Same Way Again

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