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Traveler Restaurant: Eat Here, Get Free Books


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Pull Off I-84 for a Unique Dining Experience... and a Free Book!
Picture of The Traveler Restaurant in Connecticut, a place to get food and free books on I-84.

The Traveler Restaurant offers a unique Connecticut dining experience. Located in Union, Connecticut, off I-84 at exit 74, the cozy restaurant offers a free book with every meal.

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"FOOD and BOOKS" says the giant sign outside The Traveler Restaurant in Union, Connecticut. Union, which has a population of about 850 residents, is the state's smallest town, and you might not even know you're passing through as you leave Connecticut driving eastbound on I-84. You can't, however, miss the bold sign that touts this unique restaurant, where more than 100,000 books are given away every year!

I had seen the restaurant's sign dozens of times and always been curious about what I'd find inside, so on a trip to Salem, Massachusetts, with my parents and my daughter, I decided it was finally time to explore this intriguing eatery.

I'll take you inside The Traveler Restaurant and tell you more about its unique book giveaway program, but first, here are all of the details you'll need if you want to visit this roadside restaurant:

The Traveler Restaurant
1257 Buckley Highway, Union, CT
Located off I-84 eastbound or westbound at exit 74 in Connecticut, just west of the Massachusetts state line.
Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.

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